Wrestling is a sport that is centuries old, and it can be traced back to ancient India. There are many theories as to why wrestling became popular, but one of the most popular theories is that it was used as a training tool for soldiers. Wrestling has also been used as entertainment, becoming one of the most popular forms of sports worldwide.

When you break down the movements and techniques of wrestling, you see that it is a form of martial arts.

The difference between wrestling and other forms of martial arts is that wrestling uses various holds to weaken their opponent rather than actual strikes. From there, the wrestler will try to get their opponent to submit. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are different forms of combat sport that use submissions, which are only allowed from certain positions.

Why is Wrestling Considered a Martial Art?

Wrestling is a martial art because it emphasizes ground fighting and submission techniques. In addition, wrestlers use leverage and balance to control their opponent, making it effective in MMA fights. Wrestling has been featured in many controversies, for example, the 1980 incident of the Greco-Roman wrestling team’s win at the Olympics. This year, President Trump questioned is wrestling was considered a martial art, which resulted in a backlash from wrestlers and other athletes who are against his statement. In addition, two separate organizations dispute whether or not wrestling is a real martial art.

How do other countries view Wrestling?

Wrestling is a popular sport in other countries, but whether it is considered a martial art is debatable. In some countries, such as Japan, it is widely seen as a martial art due to its roots in Samurai culture. Other countries, such as America, see it as a sport and view it differently than other martial arts. The sport of wrestling has a lot of similarities to other martial arts. One of the biggest differences is that wrestling is not dependent on using your hands. A lot of the time, people think that takedowns and throws are doing most of the work.

The most important thing in wrestling is being able to block and prevent your opponent from getting you on the ground. The two biggest differences in Americans’ view of martial arts versus Europeans can be found in the techniques used. Since there is not much difference between wrestling and judo, it is easier for people to understand why certain techniques are used.

Do Different Types of wrestlers have different Martial Arts Skills?

Wrestlers who specialize in freestyle wrestling typically use more body movement and less strength than those who specialize in Greco-Roman wrestling. This means they rely more on their agility and balance to avoid being taken down, which gives them more experience with agility and flexibility. As a result, they may be better skilled at performing various unarmed combat moves (such as leg sweeps) and grappling techniques.

Similarly, Greco-Roman wrestlers are better trained to use force against opponents to throw them to the ground. This training includes learning to use your body weight and strength to push an opponent away or hold them down so you can pin them. As a result, they may be better equipped to defend themselves against strikes such as punches or kicks.


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